Social Selling With Sales Navigator 95.00 GBP

Social Selling with Sales Navigator

 What's Included...

✔ Complete in 90 minutes.
✔ 4 Modules with Action Plan
✔ Seven Steps of Social Selling
✔ Prospect Breadcrumbs

NEW - The DM Playbook


The Time-Saving Way to Find the Perfect Prospects

- Build a list of leads quickly and find your Target Audience.

- Keep tabs on your leads so you never miss an opportunity.



Supercharge your Success in Seven Steps

- Improve your connection acceptance rate to 65%+ with the Seven Steps of Social Selling.

- A simple process to engage and warm your prospects.



Track your prospects' breadcrumbs to know the best way to engage them.

- Learn the 3 types of outreach from LinkedIn and which will get you the best response.

- How to outreach without looking spammy or salesy


Getting the Hot Leads from Sales Nav using Smart Features

  • Leverage Smart Links to create conversations.

  • Use Sales Nav's features to get LinkedIn to bring you leads.




  • Welcome
  • Orientations 

Intro to Sales Nav

  • Searches Vs Lists
  • Home Feed
  • Smart Searches
  • Notes and Tracking

The Seven Steps of Social Selling

  • The problem with automation
  • InMail Vs Direct Messages
  • Priming Your Prospects

Social Breadcrumbs

  • Learning how get replies from prospects
  • How to avoid being ignored.
  •  Zombie Profiles

Smart Features

  • Using Smart Links the right way.
  • How to get LinkedIn to recommend leads to you.
  • Tricks of the trade.


The Step-by-step system to unlock Sales Navigator and get more conversations with your prospects.